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6.1. 2008

Polish Lawyers for the Public Good / Pro Bono Publico Declaration



Through this Declaration, we, the undersigned representatives of the Polish legal profession, recall our long-standing tradition of work for the public good.

Due to economic growth and social development in our country, we note an increase in demand for free legal services to the most needy, including both individuals and the non-governmental agencies representing the interests of the disadvantaged and excluded, as well as an increase in the duties of representatives of all legal professions. As a result, our profession has not always been able to fulfil the expectations and needs of the society in which we live and work, and action for the public good now requires greater commitment and dedication from us.

Consequently, as representatives of the Polish legal profession, we wish to revitalize the concept of work for the public good, to demonstrate our regard for professional ethics and encourage all lawyers to seek means to enable them to work for the good of society.

We believe that it is our duty to ensure that all members of society, irrespective of their financial situation, are able to receive professional advice when necessary. It is our intention that to the extent possible our profession should serve those institutions and organisations that work for the good of society and all persons who have insufficient means to obtain necessary legal advice, free of charge or for a symbolic fee.

In signing this declaration, we support the spirit of the Code of Conduct for European Lawyers, which subscribes to the principle that "In a society founded on respect for the rule of law, the lawyer fulfils a special role"[1]. We believe that our profession has always fulfilled this role and will continue to do so.

Employing our professional knowledge we wish to serve this principle and contribute to building of a true civil society in Poland.  

[1] Code of Conduct for European Lawyers (CCBE), point 1.1 of the Preamble

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