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Program Pro Bono Centre:


Pro Bono Centre mediates free legal services.  Participating non-profit organizations send requests to PBC based on their clients’ needs and PBC searches for a suitable attorney for them, who is willing and able to give a free legal aid.  By that PBC facilitates an establishment of cooperation between pro bono attorneys and clients of non-profit organizations.  The involvement of non-profit organizations in the PBC programme guarantees that the law firms will be offered only cases to which the provision of free legal aid is justified.


The name Pro bono stands for services which attorneys offer voluntarily without asking for payment. Their services are offered to people to whom a qualified legal help would otherwise not be reachable for financial or other reasons. 


Pro bono raises the accessibility of legal services. It improves the access to legal system. It is a manifestation of ethical responsibility of advocacy for the accessibility of legal aid for everyone who needs help but cannot afford it. By doing so, it increases the social responsibility and improves the reputation and trustworthiness of society.


Pro Bono centre is a long-lasting program realized by a non-profit organisation called Pro Bono Alliance. Nowadays, more than 100 non-profit organizations and over 70 law firms are involved in the program.



Who can use the services of the Pro Bono Centre?

  • The Pro Bono Centre services are provided exclusively to non-profit organizations that engage in socially responsible activities.
  • PBC does not provide legal services to individuals!


How can you get involved?

  • You just need to agree with the conditions of Pro Bono Centre and send us a respective request for mediation of legal services. 


For individuals:

  • In case you need an advice on how to get legal aid by different means, you can turn to the Legal Accessibility Advisory Centre run by Pro Bono Alliance.




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