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Why Should You Get Involved in the Pro Bono Centre Program?


We appreciate the interest of every attorney to allocate part of their capacity to pro bono help. We welcome and support such activities. Our goal is not to claim the pro bono idea and state that pro bono work can only be realized within the scopes of our program. Our goal is to raise the awareness of pro bono legal services and thus help the indigent clients get legal help. 


Our project brings many advantages to attorneys:

  • cases reach a certain level of social necessity
  • clients cannot reach legal aid in a different way (we examine whether clients are truly indigent)
  • we offer only legal aid (not social or other)
  • our clients are always clients of a non-profit organization that cooperates with them
  • a possibility to cooperate with a non-profit organization on client’s case
  • media presence of the cases


 How to Get Involved on Pro Bono Centre Program?


It is up to the law firm interested in our program to determine to which extent it wants to offer the pro bono legal services. Requests for pro bono legal services received by pro bono centre from non-governmental organizations are equally distributed among involved law firms.


Pro bono centre coordinator will contact your law firm approximately once each month with a request to provide pro bono legal services. Your involvement in the project does not mean that your law firm has to  accept our request every single time. It is solely up to you whether you accept our request or not. You do not have to justify your potential rejecting. You decide how much time you want to dedicate to the pro bono activities and which cases you’d like to spend your time on.


If you decided to get involved in our project, all you need to do is send us a confirmatory email stating that you agree with the pro bono centre conditions. This is a signal for us that we can start sending you requests that we get from non-profit organizations. It can happen that you will not receive a request in several weeks. This means that in this time period we haven’t received any request from non-governmental organizations or that we did get requests but another law firm had already agreed to accept them.

You can inform us beforehand about which kind of legal services you would prefer to offer. Whether you prefer clients of non-profit organization or whether you would rather offer technical help to non-profit organizations. You can also choose legal fields from which you would like to get the cases. The pro bono centre coordinator will try to address you with requests in accordance with your preferences.


All requests for pro bono legal services are examined by the pro bono centre coordinator whether they comply with the rules of pro bono centre.


If your law firm is interested to join this project, we kindly ask you to read the conditions based on which the pro bono centre functions.

In case of any questions please feel free to contact us.





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